plantain chips are “not yo mama’s potato chips” 😉 although many people like to enjoy them fried, they are just as delicious when baked (and seriously, the baked version is soooooo good). so here’s a very easy recipe for baked plantain chips that you can try and see for yourself! let me know if you … More

Red pepper salsa and hummus were both on my list to make, so I combined the effort. Made the salsa in the food processor using a jar of red peppers and half a jar of the whole pickled cherry peppers. Then – without needing to clean the unit, I added some garbanzo beans that […] via … More

Hi everyone! How all you are? Hope you all are doing great! Today I am going to review Flax Seed Spice Mix. As you all would be aware of the fact that flax seed is a wonder seed which is full of omega 3 fatty acids. I came across this spice while reading up on […] … More


Pittsburgh native Laurel Munshower left Steel City when she hopped on a plane to Dubai — and hasn’t looked back. Her travel writing is offbeat and thoughtful, and will help you flesh out your own travel bucket list. via TRAVELAUREL — Discover

I first saw Brown-Capped Pygmy Woodpeckers inside a reserve forest in Kumily. But, love was not in the air. Maybe, they were in a hyperactive mood. Or just camera shy. Because every time I tried to photograph them, they would fly away to some other spot. No matter how closely I tracked one, it simply … More


Given my poor skills at identifying Hummingbirds, especially the females, please correct me if I am wrong again this time. While we were out hiking last weekend this Broad tailed Hummingbird landed on a branch right in front of us on a very windy afternoon. I can’t imagine being a bird that weighs mere ounces […] … More Hummingbirds